Thursday, 30 July 2015

Would You Rather Tag

Would You Rather Tag

Thanks to Aneesa @ Book Lover for tagging me in this challenge. I am always looking for an excuse to do these tags and it's a nice change to be actually tagged rather than deciding to do them myself because they look fun...

Anyway, this tag is pretty easy: answer the questions and tags some friends at the end - so let's get started. 
Would you rather read only trilogies or only standalones for the rest of your life?

Well, it would be hard to limit my reading options so much but I think I'd prefer reading only standalones. I obviously enjoy reading my series and would miss them eventually, but my enjoyment of standalones is probably greater. There is just no way I would be able to give them up. My unfortunate habit of 
reading only the first book of a series would make my TBR grow and grow and grow. And I really don't need that at the moment! Anyway, I just prefer having everything all read and finished in one go - so standalones only for me.

 Would you rather only be allowed to read female authors or male authors?

How the heck am I mean to answer this question? It doesn't really make sense. What differentiates female and male writing? Is it meant to mean from what perspective would you rather read, male or female, instead? I think I am going to leave this question...

Would you rather shop at Barnes & Nobles a local bookshop or Amazon online?

I changed this question a little because Barnes & Nobles is an American thing and I am from down under. Our bookshops are called Dymocks and Angus & Robertson - or at least here in SA. 
Anyway, I would much rather buy books at a physical bookstore than online. I don't have the patience to wait a couple of days for books to get posted or shipped to my house. There is something much more satisfying about being able to go into a shop, pick your book out and walk home with it in your hands - its much better than sitting at my computer, clicking a button and waiting endlessly for a package to arrive on my doorstep. I also like supporting the little shops around town, makes me feel like a nicer person. 

Would you rather all books be made in films or TV shows?
Oh, seriously? How is that a fair question? I would honestly prefer that they left all books untouched but I guess that isn't an option. I think it depends on book is being adapted and whether it is going to be adapted well or not. If its a long series, such as Harry Potter or Ranger's Apprentice, I think a television show would be the best. I saw an idea on Tumblr about having each HP book as a separate season and each chapter in that book as an episode - that way everything would done perfectly. This idea, for me, is gold! Short books however, such as Anna & the French Kiss, would work better as a movie than a TV show. I really think it depends on the book/series... and having a perfect cast and director too, of course!

Would you rather read five pages a day or five books a week?

I honestly cannot see how people could only read five teensy pages a day. That's ridiculous little! I would have to go with the five books, hard as that might be for me to complete.

Would you rather be a professional writer or reviewer/blogger?

Well, blogger. I mean being an author would be great but I don't think I posses the skills to do that. Blogging is my favourite hobby though so it would be my ultimate dream to make a career out of it! Imagine the only thing you had to do in life was read and write up what you thought about it... *sigh* 

Would you rather only being able to read your top twenty favourite books or only every other book in the world?

While I obviously love my favourite book more than anything in the world, I think I would have to go with the new books option. Restricting myself so much would kill me! The new books would be too tempting. Who knows anyway, I could find a new top 20 favourite in my new books... and another 20 after that. Much more opportunity!

Would you rather be a bookseller or librarian?

A bookseller sounds a lot more fun than being a librarian - no offence to librarians, of course. I think I would go with that. A quirky little YA bookstore would be perfect! Maybe when I am older and retire...

Would you rather only read your favourite genre or all other genres?

This is practically the same as the other "only favourite" question - I would rather read everything than my favourite genre so that I would get more variety. Also, I don't think I really have a favourite series. I love fairytale retellings and werewolf books, do they even count as a genre?

Would you rather read only physical books or only ebooks?

Physical books. Last year or so I wouldn't have been able to pick because as much as I loved books, my Kindle was attached to my hip and went everywhere with me. But I don't know what happened this year but I just cannot read eBooks. They do my head in, staring at that little screen. My poor Kindle has barely been touched... and my purse is so empty from buying so many new (phsyical) books!


Well, that's my "would you rather" answers. What would you rather? Do you agree with me or disagree? Tell me all about your "rathers" below or leave you links to your own challenge. 

I am sorry if you have already done this tag, but I am going to tag the following people: 

Alex @ The Book's Buzz
Kerr & Rachel @ Paein & Ms4tune
Diamond @ Dee's Reads


  1. This is quite cool :). I have to agree with a lot of the things you say and majority of these questions are more or less the same so it becomes tedious to answer similar questions again and again!

  2. This was so interesting to read all your answers. I did this tag already but thanks for tagging me!! OMG I cannot stand fairytale retellings. Ik u love them and i love that u love them but I don't think I can read those. Also standalone make me nervous because I feel like if the story isn't revolved by the end of that one book, I've been doomed!!!

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. Oh, oops! I'll go check out your old post then. :)

      Oh really!? I guess it is the same story that has already been told so it COULD be a little stagnate... oh well! To each their own. :) I get that too. I think that if I really, really had to make the choice between series and standalones, I'd end up choosing duologies. I like that you get a little more than just one story, but you don't have to commit to a series either really. :)

  3. Oh man I have the same habit as you with only reading the first book in the series! It's because I want to listen to all of the raves but then once I've read the first I move on! How horrible is that. Most of our Angus & Robertsons have closed down here, but there's still Dymocks and QBD. I totally agree with the satisfaction factor. I totally agree with physical books and the declining Kindle too, whoops!

    1. I'm 100% the same! It really is a terrible habit, isn't it? And I've spent the last six months trying to fix it - it's my MAJOR year's goal to try and read as many sequels as I can but yeah, it hasn't been as successful as I would have wanted. :'(

      Oh same. We have barely any Angus & Robertson stores left here (maybe just the one?). I wonder what's happening?

      My Kindle has barely been touched, poor thing! Physical books all the way at the moment. :)