Friday, 17 July 2015

Mini Review Catch Up (#2)

I have a couple of mini reviews to catch up on. These are all books that I read during the time my blog was malfunctioning. I had them for review so I thought that this would be the best way to catch them up on here. My full reviews can be found on Goodreads. I'll leave the links below. 


22746155Deserted (Blackout #2)
by Deena Lipomi

Seventeen-year-old Kara is done spying on people for her father, the wealthy and morally corrupt businessman, Dr. Ellison. Last summer, her father's project literally blew up, and she fell hard for one of his victims, Leo, who made her question her family's rules. 

Her father now claims a rogue environmental group wants him dead because of his latest alternative energy business venture. He needs Kara back on his payroll. With nowhere else to turn, Kara sends Leo a distressed text message - just before she's kidnapped. Leo wastes no time hopping on a plane to Vegas to rescue Kara. As he struggle to find her, the pair tries to learn all they can about the Dr. Ellison's project. 

If there's one thing they've learned from Dr. Ellison, it is that no risk is too big when it comes to fame and fortune, life and death. 

Let me just say that I didn't realise this was a sequel when I was sent it so I went into it blind. I have no idea how much this affected my opinion, and I know that I definitely would not have picked it up if I knew that I hadn't read the previous book already.

Quite easily I can sum this by saying that this was dull and shallow. The writing was bland. The characters were incredibly annoying, especially our protagonist. Torrey and Leo did not feel realistic in the slightest. The plot was confusing, boring and just plain old ridiculous at times. It also seemed to drag on and on. 

See full review here


by Rhonda Helms

promposal (n.) -- an often public proposal, in which one person asks another to the prom, eliciting joy or mortification. 

Camilla can't help but hoping her secret crush, Benjamin, might randomly surprise her with a promposal. However, when she's asked to prom by an irritating casual acquaintance -- wearing a fancy tux and standing in front of a news crew -- she's forced to say yes. Yet all hope's not lot. A timely school project gives Camilla a chance to get closer to Benjamin... it seems like the chemistry between them is crackling. But is she reading into something that isn't there? 

Joshua, Camilla's best friend, has been secretly in love with his best friend, Ethan, since middle school. Just as he decides to bite the bullet and ask Ethan if he'll go to prom with him, even just as friends, he gets a shocking surprise: Ethan asks Joshua for help crafting the perfect promposal -- for another guy. Now Joshua has to suppress his love and try and fake enthusiasm as he watches his dreams fall apart... unless he can make Ethan see that love has been right in front of his eyes the whole time. 

The road to the perfect promposal isn't easy to navigate. But one thing's certain - prom season is going to be memorable. 

Plot: There wasn't one apart from the romantic drama! I needed something a little more substantial to grab my attention. If anything this book increased my horror at the American education system and this ridiculous notion of prom. 

Characters: All of the characters were a little too generic for me. 

Romance: I really wanted an adorable romance from this - I mean the cover practically promised it. I didn't care about any of the relationships in this book though. I didn't care if Benjamin got with Camilla. I didn't see any chemistry between Joshua and Ethan. I didn't even like Niecey and Dwayne - who only sucked face the entire book - or Madison and Tyler. None of them had chemistry. None of them had anything between them. I wasn't rooting for any of them to get or stay together. I just didn't care. And that's upsetting because I should care, I wanted to care, but there was absolutely zero chemistry - remember this is coming from the ultimate lover of best friend romances (moi!) and I still didn't ship it.   


Have you read either of these books? What were your thoughts on them? Do you read series in order or do you not really fuss about it? Are you a fan of best friend romances too? 

Let me know you thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Ugh everything about Promposal screams "STAY AWAY CAIT" x) So I don't think I'd run after that one anytime soon. And the first one? So flat and boring? And unrealistic? That would do my head in. WELL YAH THOUGH. You're helping keep my TBR manageable. ;-) *crosses these books off*
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. I'm glad I was able to save someone's pain! And cut down someone's TBR... mine is stubbornly staying way too high. *exasperated sigh*

  2. Oh nope, I don't think I could read Promposal at all. I don't know how bad the American system really is, but what I have read about it and the notion of prom being this huge thing doesn't seem too appealing at all. Desert seems nicer, but it's a shame that it was a sequel unknowingly.

    1. The American school system just freaks me out with its weird proms and cheerleaders and colleges and bullies and jocks... it seems hellish! And I wouldn't recommend Promposal but it wasn't too bad so maybe...? And I don't know how I missed the fact that Deserted was a sequel!