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Cover Reveal: Saving London

Cover Reveal for Saving London:
 Author:  Taylor Dawn
Series:  not so far
Published: Booktrope Publishing; 9th June, 2015
Links:   Goodreads

Genres: adult, urban fantasy
You have terminal cancer.

London Patterson, a seemingly healthy young woman had her entire life ahead of her. That was until four little words brought everything to a screeching halt. As the shock and grief begin to fade, London decides to map out her last year and embark on an epic journey to complete a bucket list. She wants to do the things she’s been afraid to do in her life, step out of her self-contained box, and see the world. What she didn’t expect was for a mysterious stranger named Adam to breeze into her life like a breath of fresh air.

Adam offers to help London complete her list on one condition… that she sees it through to the end. Agreeing on those terms, the two set out on an adventure of a lifetime. But London soon realizes that Adam isn’t quite… human. Along their journey odd occurrences happen that cause London to question who or what Adam is and why he’s helping her.

About the Author:
Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter
C.D. Taylor (pen name Taylor Dawn) began writing as an item to check off her bucket list. She resides in the southernmost part of Illinois, right on the mighty Mississippi river. She enjoys the quiet country life with her husband, son and the many farm animals that make up the rest of the family. C.D. decided that farm life was just a little too mundane, so she started writing erotica to spice things up, so far so good. C.D. entered cosmetology school right out of High School and practiced the art of hair styling for 12 years. W
hen she isn't writing, she can usually be found sitting around a table making people laugh. She has always wanted to be a standup comic. She loves pulling practical jokes, dresses up in a costume every Halloween and believes that dancing is the key to a happy life (even if you aren't a good dancer). She believes that life shouldn't be taken too seriously, we will never get out alive anyway. More than anything, C.D. is a kid at heart, she doesn't believe in bedtimes, eating everything on her plate, or having ice cream only for dessert.
 Her favourite quote is by Dr. Seuss..."Why fit in, when you were born to stand out."

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Cover Reveal: Bittersweet

Cover Reveal for Bittersweet:
 Author:  Michele Barrow-Belisle 
Series:  Faerie Song Trilogy #2
Published: Astraea Press; 24th March, 2015
Links:   Goodreads  |  Amazon  Barnes & Noble

Genres: young adult, fantasy
To save the Faery world and her mother’s life, Lorelei sacrificed everything, and the dangerous bargain she made in Nevermore had lasting repercussions. Now safely back in her own world, Lorelei seems the same to her highschool friends and her supernatural boyfriend.
Yet love across dimensions is complicated, especially when an invisible Veil between the two worlds — the only bridge that links the pair, is sealing, threatening to separate Lorelei and Adrius forever.Determined to find a solution, Lorelei resorts to using her new found powers.
But when her friends succumb to the same mysterious illness that nearly took her mother’s life, Lorelei can’t help but wonder if her own dark magic is responsible. Still, the nightmares from Nevermore continue their icy hold.
Someone from Adrius’s past arrives, determined to destroy Lorelei’s world starting with those closest to her, and Lorelei is forced to choose between her family and friends and a love that was ill-fated from the start.

About the Author:
Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads
A dreamer at heart, Michele Barrow-Belisle has always lived with one foot in this reality and one foot in another, one of her own imagining. So it follows that she would grow up to write about and sculpt the characters from those enchanting worlds she knows and loves so well. As a fan of everything romantic, her young adult novels are populated with witches and vampires and faeries. Michele resides in southern Canada with her hubby and son who indulge her passions for writing, reading, lattes, and most of all chocolate.

She also loves shoes.

Did we mention the chocolate?

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I am going to be honest and say that, yes, I have had an Instagram account for awhile now, but I never really used it before. I don't know many people on there so I've haven't posted much at all.
Hopefully, that will change though! I want to get into using it more so I am really going to put an effort into it.
I'm @rachel_lightwood
If you have an account comment your names below and I'll make every effort to check you out. Or if its easier follow me and I'll just follow you back.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Film Review: Sea of Monsters

Film Review:
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
Directed by Thor Freudenthal
Screenplay by Marc Guggenheim
Released: 19th of September, 2013
Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson
Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth Chase
Brandon T. Jackson as Grover Underwood
Jake Abel as Luke Castellan
Before we begin, I just want to quickly note that this is my first film review - I have been meaning to get into reviewing films for a long time now though - and I am not going to be structuring it in a normal style review. I just want to make comments about various aspects of the film - what I enjoyed, what I didn't etc..
I also want to say that this review will not be making links to the book it is based on. It has been nearly two years since I read the book and I can honestly not remember much about it. Also, I am not really a fan of the series... *hides before the screaming fangirls can attack*... and know that I wouldn't do it justice.
But anyway, let's start.
My Thoughts on Sea of Monsters:
I have to say that I am pretty happy with the casting. Readers are upset that characters aren't the age in the books but I honestly think its better the way it is. Think about though. Twelve-year-old protagonists are going to attract lesser crowds of viewers -  of non-readers, obviously - then having a sixteen-year-old Logan Lerman playing the lead would. And movie producers won't the biggest crowd of viewers possible.
I was super pleased by the change of Chiron's actor. One of my least favourite actors of all time is Pierce Brosnan and seeing him as Chiron just didn't work for me. He didn't have that old wise person vibe that was strongly needed. Anthony Head however looked the part - he looked academic, but secretive somehow, and fatherly, exactly how I pictured him in the books.
Percy's actor was fantastic - as always - so was Grover's, Clarrise's and Luke's. I have such a crush on Jake Abel after The Host! I also found Dionysus's actor surprisingly good and Tyson was perfect if he has just been taller!  
The one casting choice I wasn't fond of was Annabeth. Daddiaro as Annabeth was okay but she didn't capture book Annabeth. She looked nothing like I pictured.
I found the action to be as realistic as its going to get in a fantasy film. It wasn't overly dominated by the "good" side. Percy had a lot of cool moves but remained a little clumsy and all over the place - as it should be when you're fighting for your life.
Grover was also much, much more kickass in the movie then I would have expected. There was one scene in an amusement park and Grover did this awesome leap-like kick thing and it was just epic.
The journeying parts were also handled well. I know the directors cut a lot of things but I think it made sense from a film-observer's POV and it wasn't too spaced out. There was always something to keep you on your toes and entertained.
Special Effects: 
I think the special effects in Sea of Monsters were much better than The Lightning Thief. It wasn't as "obvious", if that makes sense. The blend between "real life" and "computered affects" was undeniably perfect.
Spoilers Below - BE WARNED:
The Cyclops were freaky and fantastic, especially Polythemus. The ink around his eyes and the skulls hanging from his belt, really made him.
I also loved the scene when they get sucked up into the monster's belly and the teeth are circling them like sharks. It was so intense!
The taxi ride with the three blind seers was fantastic!
Talia's tree was done even better than I could of hoped. I loved that we saw her body right there under the tree. During the book, I just thought she became the tree, as in turned into the tree and her body didn't exist anymore. This, however, had a much better effect.
I know fans of the book series were strongly disappointed by this adaption but I rather enjoyed it. It was entertaining and funny, the acting was pretty good and the plot progressed well.
4 stars

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Book Blitz: Number Game + Giveaway

Book Blitz for Numbers Game:
Title: Number Games
Author: Rebecca Rode
Date of Release­­: March 16th 2015
Genre: young adult, dystopia
Links:   Goodreads |  Amazon 
Treena can’t wait for Rating Day. Her high score will mean a life of luxury, showing the world that she’s a valuable member of society, not a pathetic waste of space. It won’t hurt her chances with her top-Rated boyfriend, either. But when the big day arrives, her true number shocks everyone.
To get her life — and boyfriend — back, she must go undercover and expose a military spy. Doesn’t sound too hard, except that someone seems to want her dead. And then there’s the mysterious soldier with a haunted past and beautiful brown eyes.

Together, they discover a dark numbers conspiracy, one that shatters the nation’s future. They must band together if they are to survive the dangerous game of numbers—and the terrible war that rages within Treena’s heart

 About The Author:
Website  |  Twitter  |  Facebook
Rebecca Rode is an award-winning author, journalist, and mother of four. She is the author of the YA dystopian novel, Numbers Game, and the inspirational book, How to Have Peace When You're Falling to Pieces. She also writes for Deseret News,, FamilyShare, and Provo Daily Herald. However, her true love is writing for teenagers. She enjoys traveling, reading, and martial arts, and she has a ridiculous addiction  to chocolate-banana shakes.

Interview with Rebecca Rode: 

  Will you tell us about Numbers Game?

Absolutely! In the New Order Republic of America, 16-year-olds are given a Rating, a number that encompasses what they’re worth to society. It determines their career, living conditions, and potential partners. This is the story of Treena, who gets a different Rating than the one she earned. She decides to fight for what is rightfully hers, determined to get her boyfriend back in the process.

 Meanwhile, she meets Vance, a mysterious prisoner-turned-soldier who has his own agenda. When someone tries to kill Treena—twice—they uncover a dark conspiracy that risks much more than Treena’s Rating.
Great. You probably get this question a lot, but the concept is so unique that I have to ask — where did you get the idea for Numbers Game?

I love this question! My husband sent me to the bank to finalize the loan on the truck he was buying. I looked at my credit score and thought how strange it was that one number was supposed to incorporate everything about me — my purchase history, how reliable I’d been, whether they could trust me to make payments, that sort of thing. And then I thought how strange it was, that we as citizens are so trusting of the accuracy of that little number, and how important it is in our lives. It spiraled from there — what is someone was manipulating the numbers? What if the number included appearance and intelligence rather than just financial history? It didn’t take long for the plot to unfold in my mind.

What type of reader would like this book?

I tell people that it’s like a thriller version of The Scarlet Letter, but set in the future. With bombs. And kissing. Dystopian fans who like Divergent, Hunger Games, and Matched would love it.

Who is your favourite character and why?

At first, Tali was my favourite. She knows exactly what she wants and doesn’t put up with anything. But now that the book is done, I think Vance has overtaken her as my favourite. The way he sees the world and struggles to survive while torn between two worlds really resonates with me.

What was your favourite part of the writing process? What was the hardest?

I really enjoyed taking an idea and running with it. Once I had the world solidified in my head, it was fun to explore all the different aspects of it — political, social, financial, emotional, etc. I wrote myself into a dozen corners because I was just having too much fun.

The hardest part? Probably the time it took to finish it. When I began writing Numbers Game in 2012, I was also juggling a journalism career and three kids, and then my nonfiction book was accepted for publication, so that took all my remaining hours. When my fourth child was born, everything came to a screeching halt for a while. It wasn’t until Numbers Game won first place in a statewide writing contest in that I decided to buckle down and get serious with it.

Why did you decide to make it a series instead of a stand-alone book?

You know how some authors say that their characters grab hold of the story and steer it in a different direction without their permission? That’s kind of what happened here. It just couldn’t end with this book. There was so much more that needed to be explored. Besides, Treena had a little more growing to do, and I think you’ll love the person that she becomes.


There is a cute and fun quiz to take to see what your Number Games rating is. Take it here!

I got a Green (900-1000). Not sure exactly what that means as I haven't read Numbers Game yet! What rating did you get? Comment below.


Giveaway for one Kindle Fire.
International. Ends 26th of March.

News: March Update

Hey everyone! I am sorry that I haven't been active regularly for the last couple of weeks. School started in mid-February and I have been bombarded with school work. Its ten times the workload that I am used to and its really started to cut into my blogging and reading time.
I haven't been checking out my Bloglovin' feed lately which means I've been missing out on what all your guys have been up to! I am so sorry about that. I missed you all and will be trying to desperately catch up as soon as I can.
I just have to find a way to spread my time equally with work and play. 
It hasn't helped that I am sick and spent all yesterday and today coughing and wheezing as I marathoned Once Upon a Time Season Two and Elementary Season One. But I am not to be deterred!

I manage to catch up on a few buddy reads that I had planned for this month, including a book called Frozen Charlotte that I thoroughly enjoyed! Also, I have about seven books that I am currently working through, some of which are for school though.

Anyway, I have heaps of posts planned for the next few weeks. A couple of reviews, lot of cover reveals and some discussions post. I also want to do a book haul and I have some giveaways to post too. Keep your feeds refreshed either way...

I look forward to getting back on here - properly.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the guest post the lovely Roselyn did about the release of her new book and get onto her about that review opportunity.

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Waiting on Wednesday #13

Waiting on Wednesday #12
This is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine where bloggers spotlight upcoming releases that they are eagerly anticipating.
The book I am most eager for this week is:-
November Nine
by Collee Hoover:

I still haven't picked up one of CoHo's books... I know, I know. Its a tragedy. I will soon. Promise! Here's just another one that sounds amazing that I'll need to pick up. This one interests me most though. How can that description not give you goosebumps!?
Have you read anything by this authors before? What ones? Let me know what you think of them if you have.
Links:     Goodreads


This is a love story between a guy (me) and a girl (Fallon).   
I think. 

Can it even be considered a love story if it doesn’t end with love?
Mysteries end when the mystery is solved.  Biographies end when the life story has been told.  Love stories should end with love, right?

Maybe I’m wrong, then. Maybe this isn’t a love story. If you ask me… I’d say this might even be considered a tragedy.

Whatever it is — however it ends — I promised I would tell it. So without further ado.

Once upon a time…I met a girl.  
The girl.
Release date: 10th of November, 2015
 Series: none so far..
Publisher: unknown
Genres: new adult, contemporary, romance

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Recommend A... Book With A Green Cover

Recommend A... Book With A Green Cover!
I did the first of these memes on Valentine's Day and haven't done once since. Though it was about time I tried it out again and this time I am going to recommend a book that has a predominately green cover.
This was a surprisingly difficult task. I haven't read many book that are green and had to scourge around to find a couple. These aren't all my choices but let's give a go anyway...
City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments #1
by Cassandra Clare
When fifteen-year-old Clary Fray heads out to the Pandemonium Club in New York City, she hardly expects to witness a murder― much less a murder committed by three teenagers covered with strange tattoos and brandishing bizarre weapons. Then the body disappears into thin air.

This is Clary's first meeting with the Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demons. It's also her first encounter with Jace, a Shadowhunter who looks a little like an angel and acts a lot like a jerk. Within twenty-four hours her mother disappears and Clary herself is attacked by a demon. But why would demons be interested in ordinary mundanes like Clary and her mother? And how did Clary suddenly get the Sight? The Shadowhunters would like to know...
There is no way I could have gone without recommend this series. I know its overhyped. I know that Cassie Clare has a shit tonne of controversy surrounding her, but you know what? These books are just fun, and definitely worth trying out. They'll suck you in and make you fall in love with the Shadowhunters' world. Trust me.
Graceling: Graceling #1
by Kristin Cashore
In a world where people born with an exceptional skill, known as a Grace, are both feared and exploited, Katsa carries the burden of a skill even she despises: the Grace of killing.

Feared by the court and shunned by those her own age, the darkness of her Grace casts a heavy shadow over Katsa’s life. Yet she remains defiant: when the King of Lienid’s father is kidnapped she investigates, and stumbles across a mystery. Who would want to kidnap the old man, and why? And who was the extraordinary Graced man whose fighting abilities rivalled her own?

The only thing Katsa is sure of is that she no longer wants to kill. The intrigue around this kidnapping offers her a way out – but little does she realise, when she takes it, that something insidious and dark lurks behind the mystery. Something spreading from the shadowy figure of a one-eyed king...
That cover looks so much greener in real life...
Graceling is epic fantasy at its best. Adventure, ass-kicking, battles, epic magic systems - kind of - its thrilling, heart-wrenching and plain old good. The characters are fantastic. The plot will drag you in. If you love the genre, you have to pick this up ASAP!
100 Cupboards: 100 Cupboards #1
by N.D. Wilson
Twelve year old Henry York is going to sleep one night when he hears a bump on the attic wall above his head. It's an unfamiliar house - Henry is staying with his aunt, uncle and three cousins - so he tries to ignore it. But the next night he wakes up with bits of plaster in his hair. Two knobs have broken through the wall, and one of them is slowly turning...

Henry scrapes the plaster off the wall and discovers doors - ninety-nine cupboards of all different sizes and shapes. Through one he can hear the sound of falling rain. Through another he sees a glowing room - with a man strolling back and forth! Henry and his cousin Henrietta soon understand that those are not just cupboards. They are, in fact, portals to other worlds.
A completely underrated middle grade fantasy. Its poetically written and draws you into a completely unique world. It really deserves more attention.
I hope you found this at least a little helpful and were able to find a new book to check out. Obviously, I recommend all of these so all the best and happy reading!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Guest Post: Roselyn Jewell

Guest Post: Roselyn Jewell
Here to talk about her new book, reveal the cover and offer a read-to-review opportunity
Guys, guess what? I'm here to introduce the wonderful indie author Roselyn Jewell to talk about the release of her new young adult book and an awesome read-to-review opportunity...
This is my first guest post so I hope you guys enjoy it.
Make way for Roselyn...
...Hi everyone!
I'm Roselyn Jewell and I'm really pleased to share my new book with all of you! This book is a big first for me; it's both my first attempt at the YA genre and it's also my first book that I'm planning to turn into a series. The series is called The Roving and the book's title is unFocused. The Roving is something that, in the book, 75% of the world's population have. It's similar to ADHD and causes learning difficulties and social difficulties for a lot of those who have it.
The setting in the book is a dystopian type society, where a large chunk of the world's population was wiped out by a pandemic and the majority of the population left have Roving personalities. In an attempt to repopulate and help people focus, a new type of society was created. In this society, the government basically runs your whole life. When you turn 17, you're given a career assignment, a living assignment that determines where you're sent to live, and even a partner assignment which pairs you up with a member of the opposite sex that you are expected to marry and eventually have children with. You are essentially stuck with the career and living assignments for a five year period. You can then request changes if desired, but again the government will determine the change and then it's another five years until you can request another change. The partner assignment you can reject, but it's very rarely done and highly frowned upon, and if you do reject it, the government will still be in control of the next one, so there's not much point in even trying to fight it.
Granted, the government provides you with all necessities free of charge. This includes basic clothing, healthy meals, medical care, housing, etc. If you want junk food or fancy clothes or what are considered "luxury" items, there are extra odd jobs you can do for luxury dollars, which you can then spend in the luxury marketplace. The government feels that this arrangement provides everyone with anything they could possibly need or want. But what happens if you don't like members of the opposite sex? Homosexuality doesn't exist as far as the government is concerned. The black market, where you can buy things like X-rated videos, shot without permission, doesn't exist either according to them.
Hillary, the main character, deals with these issues and more in this book. She has just turned 17 and is thrown into this world that she doesn't feel like she belongs in. In trying to find out who she is, she begins to question this society and how "perfect" it really is after all.
I hope you all are as excited as I am! unFocused is available on Smashwords at You can read the first 22 pages for free and I hope you'll be hooked ;) It's $2.99 but you can use coupon code KK43H to bring the price down to $1.25. It will also be for sale on Amazon as of tomorrow and B&N, Google Play, and iTunes to follow by the end of the week!
I'm also desperately seeking reviews as well, as they are critical for authors, especially Indie authors such as myself! So if anyone is willing to read and post an honest review on at least one site that it's for sale on (and of course you're free to post anywhere else you choose, it's just not required) I will be happy to send you a free copy of the book in exchange for your promise to post your review within 30 days. If interested, please email me at and let me know if you'd like PDF or .mobi format. I can also gift you a copy via Smashwords if you'd prefer.
And finally... the cover reveal!
Thanks so much to Roselyn for appearing on my blog. I wish her all the best of luck with her release and I hope some - if not all - of you will be able to take up her opportunity to read her new book. There's going to be a buddy read organised on my group on Goodreads - check it out here - if you want to join. I'll definitely be there!