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I am sorry to say that I will not be accepting review requests at the moment. Please still feel free to contact me (through email preferably) as I can email you back when I become available once again. Again, my apologies.


If you are an author or publisher and would like to contact me to review a book or host a cover reveal for you, please contact me via email at: If you would read my following reviewing policies and browse some of my previous reviews so you can familiarise yourself with my interests and processes it would be beneficial.

Please see my About section to see where I post my reviews.

I accept books in both ebook -  mobi only - and hardcopy formats. I am not accepting audio books or other multimedia books at the moment, but I am accepting ARCs and various self-published items. I will also not accept sequels if I haven't read the previous books, for obvious reasons. 

I tend to review books in the Young Adult category, but also read middle grade, New Adult and adult books, but will access each request on a case-by-case basis.

The following genres are my preferred interests and I will be more liking to accept books of these kinds:
  • Contemporary / romance
  • Dystopia
  • Mystery / crime / spy thrillers
  • Paranormal / supernatural
  • Fantasy

On a case-to-case base (really coming down to whether the blurb sounds intriguing or not), I might accept books of:
  • Sci-fi
  • High or epic fantasy
  • Horror
  • Historical fiction

I will not accept books of the following genres:
  • Non-fiction
  • Memoirs / (auto)biographies
  • Political thrillers
  • Poetry / free verse
  • Short story compilations
  • Christian fiction
  • Fan-fictions
  • Erotica

Accepting Requests:
I will make exceptions to what I accept, but all requests will be notified promptly by email with my decision - both acceptations and rejections.
I make an effort to read and review all requests as quickly as I can but I cannot guarantee specific dates for posting. If you do require a specialised date for your review or post, please include that in your email and I will see what I can do though I am likely to deny. I am still in school and I do have a busy life outside of my blogging so I am not always able to make deadlines. I will notify you by email if anything major comes up that will prevent me from posting in a timely fashion. I prefer to have about two to three months to read and review all accepted requests.


For every accepted book I will review post a review - guaranteed.  Please not that I am truthful reviewer and will post honest review whether that is a negative or positive reaction. I am not a purely promotional site and I claim my right to state my opinion. I will not, however, be rude or snarky about this and I will certainly no include commentary about the author in the review.

In my reviews I will include what I disliked and liked about the book. Were the characters relatable? Did the storyline keep my entertain? Was the mystery intriguing? Was the setting particularly interesting? etc. I strive to explain why the book worked for me, personally, or maybe why it didn't.

Any book I do not completely finish will also receive a small review about my reasons behind not finishing it, unless otherwise outlined by the author/publisher. I will include the percentage I did not finish at, so readers are able to see how far into the book I got, and also if I intend on maybe picking up the book again in future. If you would prefer me not to post a DNF review and would rather I do not post a review at all, then please include this in the initial request.

Each book I review contains the following information about the book
  • Basic information such as the title, series name and number, author, and publication date
  • Cover picture (or art)
  • Source (where did I receive my copy from but only in ARC/ARR reviews)
  • A summary (usually from Goodreads or the jacket flap)
  • My review and a rating
  • Any other information*

*This includes things such as an author bio, short interview, buy links or promotional links (to Facebook, their website etc.) or pictures. Please includes these extras in the initial request email.


5 stars - Blew me away. It was bloody fantastic with loveable character and a captivating plotline. I would easily recommend it.

4.5 stars - Almost five stars but there was something that stopped me from completely loving it. Normally in this case, its likely that I guessed the ending. Therefore I cannot give it five stars. Predictability is a major off-putter for me.

4 stars - Pretty good. I would still recommend it. I mainly loved it. One major thing however didn't work e.g. main character was irritating, slow sections of plot, a bad ending etc.

3.5 stars - I quite enjoyed this but there were some big things wrong with it. Just better than average.

3 stars - Mediocre and average with some major flaws, but had some redeeming points as well.

2.5 stars - This is used when I simply cannot make up my mind between a three or two star read. Exactly in the middle - dull but not necessarily badly written.

2 stars - This wasn't good. At all. I didn't like it. Major faults. Bad characters and/or boring/bad plotline. Wouldn't recommend.

1.5 stars - Quite bad but had something small that made me relent from giving it only one star.

1 star - This was as bad as it gets. If I DNF a book I also give it a one star rating, to show that I read at least 10% of it.


I am open to receiving books for review and will accept books as I mentioned above. Please contact me via email. I will attempt to be prompt with all communications and timely with my reviews. I will send you an email with my decision and also an email  (if appropriate) when I have posted my review. This will include the date the posts are going live and on which of my accounts I posted the review. If you have any questions, further enquires or concerns please feel free to email me.

Thanks for your time and happy reading!

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