Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Back to School Tag

The Back to School Tag

 Although it isn't "back to school" season for me - in fact, school is almost over for the year - I thought this looked like a bit of fun and decided to do the tag anyway. Thanks to Brittnee over at Brittnee Bryan for her open tag.
 You've just started back and your workload has already increased. Which short book would you read that wouldn't take up too much time? 

The Giver - I just bought myself a copy of this book and I am eager to complete it before I go to check out the movie. Its under 200 pages so it won't take me very long.

You are in English class and your teacher says you will be spending the lesson reading an assigned book. What book did you have to read for school, but ended up really enjoying? 

I honestly haven't enjoyed any of the books that I have had to read for school. They have all been dull and too moral-driven for my liking. If I absolutely had to pick one of them it would probably be The Outsiders but I really wasn't a fan of it.

You and your friends have had an argument and you are feeling quite upset. What book never fails to cheer you up? 

Anna and the French Kiss - I would want a book that I found funny and was easily readable and that immediately reminds me of Anna and the French Kiss. I loved the characters, the dialogue was witty and hilarious and the plotline was easy-going. Definitely a book to read for a pick-me-up
You've been given detention. What book do you wish you have that could pass the time? 
Eragon - This is one of those books that require a bit of attention to get into so it is a really good book to read when you are waiting for something. You get absorbed into the world and the language and the lore easily so you don't notice the time passing. Perfect for reading in detention!

The bell rings for lunch time! Name a food from a book you would love to try. 

The first thing that came to mind was butterbeer but that isn't really a food - though I won't deny I am dying to taste it. I think the gum from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory would be pretty cool since it tastes like a three course meal all rolled into one. I wouldn't want to risk turning into a giant blueberry however! My ultimate would have to be the magical candy from the Candy Shop War series. How can you resist lollies that give you powers!?
You have a ton of homework to do and one of your assignments is to write a short story. What author's writing style do you most enjoy reading?

Tahreh Mafi... joking, joking! Her writing style made me want to hang myself it was that awful. Maggie Stiefvater is my favourite writer. Her style is gorgeous to say the least. It is poetic and lyrical but it doesn't come across as flowery or that love-dovey wish-wash that some authors try out. She manages to blend the perfect amount of poetry with "normal" writing so it remains readable and still  drives home the point she is trying to make. I know that description doesn't sound very appealing but trust me, it works! Read her Wolves of Mercy Falls series.
Uh oh, exam time! The nerves are getting to you. Which book do you read to calm yourself down?

Harry Potter - I know I have been saying that a lot but Harry Potter was my childhood and it will always be bookish security blanket. It times of need it always there to fall back on and I will read it over and over for the rest of my life.
You did amazingly well on your exams and are given some money as a reward. What book(s) do you rush out to buy?
I have sooo many books on my wishlist but at the moment there are two books on the top of my list: Shiver and Linger. I have a copy of Forever but I don't have a copy of these two and I really would love them - the collector's edition hardcover especially since they are one of my elite favourite series.
Summer is almost upon us. What book do you read to get you into the mood for the fun and excitement that summer brings?
I would really like to read The Summer I Turned Pretty series soon and that sounds like the perfect series to get into a summery mood!

Well, that's it folks! Have you complete this challenge? How would you have answered these questions? Leave you links and comments below.

I am going to tag Izzy @ The Izzy Reader and Brittany @ Space Between the Spines in is this tag challenge as well as anyone that wants to try this out.


  1. Awesome answers! I really want to read the Summer I Turned Pretty series, too! I haven't read anything by Jenny Han yet.. I really need to get on the ball with that.

    1. Thanks! The series has been on my TBR list for ages and ages! I must get onto it... I have read Jenny Hahn's "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" and didn't enjoy it much at all. Here's hoping this series will be better! *fingers crossed*

      Rachel @ Rachel's Reading Corner

  2. Thanks for tagging me! I'm so excited to do this tag :D
    I love your answers! And honestly, I feel the same way about Tahereh Mafi's writing style lol :)

    -IZZY @ The Reading Izzy

    1. Anytime. Enjoy! :)

      Thanks! The series was torture! I still haven't gotten up the nerve to read Ignite Me yet....

      Rachel @ Rachel's Reading Corner

  3. awesome answers !
    You should definitely read the summer I turned pretty ! :D

  4. Oh you reminded me! It's been so long since I read Eragon, I should really read the last one in the series! I read the Giver in school but I liked it a lot, even though I now think it's more for the younger people to enjoy. I hope you like it, either way :) I thought the Outsiders was pretty good! I should really read Shiver and the summer I turned pretty...

    1. I need to reread Eragon soon. Its been way too long! Oh, the ending of the last book has been a bit controversial. I am interested to see what you'll think about it! I cannot to start The Giver. I certainly recommend the Shiver trilogy - it is one of my all-time favourite series. I thought The Outsiders was okay but not brilliant.

      Rachel @ Rachel's Reading Corner