Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #6

This is a weekly event created by The Broke and the Bookish where bloggers post a new "Top Ten" list for the particular week's topic.
This week topic is:-
Top Ten Books That Were Hard For Me To Read*

*Please note that this post is going to be based on the contents of each book. Therefore this post may contain spoilers. If you haven't read some of the books please don't read those sections unless you don't mind being spoiled.
1. Memoirs of a Geisha (Arthur Golden) - This book was hard for me to read at times. I think it was mainly the fact that this was based very loosely on a real life geisha and it hit me that this could very well be someone's life I was reading about. There are some serious issues discussed. One thing that I felt really uncomfortable about was the scene where our protagonist's virginity was auctioned off... then she was practically raped by the guy that "won". I am not really that comfortable reading those sorts of situations but I can see why it was included.
2. City of Glass (Cassandra Clare) - I know I am just about the only TMI fan that is going to say this but I really found the assumed incest relationship Clary and Jace had going on in this book hard to read about. I didn't ship it. In fact, I felt rather uncomfortable reading about it. I mean brother and sister kissing? How is that not a least a little gross? I am trying to remain neutral and not offend people but this is one issue I find really hard to understand. I cannot ship incest relationships.

3. Unwind (Neal Shusterman) - I am not good with anything that relates to needles and hospitals. Anything! The idea behind this dystopian terrified me. It was horribly graphic and gory which I can cope with in certain degrees like in zombie novels. But cutting little children into pieces so other can wear their body parts? Yeah, I don't cope too well with that.
 4. The Art of Racing in the Rain (Garth Stein) - It has been a very long time since I read this but I remember being really appalled by a few scenes. I cannot remember exactly what they were but it has stuck with all this time.

4. Chinese Cinderella: The Secret Story of an Unwanted Daughter (Adeline Yen Mah) - I read this one time when I was one holiday and let me tell you, this isn't a relaxing vacation read! It is the story of a young Chinese girl who is abused. It is very sad, emotional and confrontational. It was hard to read this book

6. Marley & Me (John Grogan) - Reading books about animals, especially pets, has always been hard for me. My dog and cat mean the world to me and to even consider losing them pulls at my heart. If you have seen the movie or read this book you will know that this book is heartbreakingly sad. We all know that is based on a true story and that makes it so much harder to read! You know that it happened to real people...

 7. Stronger Than You Know (Jolene Perry) - I am not good with books about rape. It is one of the most hideous crimes imaginable and having to read about it so upsetting. I know that may seem weak or maybe even a little disrespectful - I know that the victims would have to go through a lot more than reading about it - but I still have a hard time reading about it. This was obviously hard book for me to read because we see the protagonist struggles with the psychological after effects of going though that sort of trauma.
 8. Breaking Dawn (Stephenie Meyer) - A weird one, I know! Yet it was still hard read for me. I don't know what is was exactly. Seeing Jacob like that? Have a teen pregnant with a monster? I don't know but it was a book that I found really hard to read.

9. Breaking Free (S.M. Koz) - This book covers a lot of serious topics and there were some sections that were pretty hard to read about.
 10. Love Letters to the Dead (Ava Dellaira) - The sections where we see that our protagonist's sister repeatedly leaves her behind with man who molests her so she can sneak off with her boyfriend were really hard for me to read. I was so mad at the sister for doing that to her and mad at our protagonist for not saying anything! It was such a hard situation and no child should ever be forced to endure and keep silent about such things. Ever!


  1. Omg really?! It's strange, unwind is actually one of my favorite series, but I don't get creeped out easily, rarely I guess so I get where you're going with this, haha!
    and Breaking Dawn is actually my least favorite twilight book, just because it ended it.. (I'm a huge twilight fan)

    and I REALLY wanted to read Letters to the Dead, but what the heck, that grossed me out..
    anyways, love your blog :)


    1. It wasn't so much that I was creeped out but more the fact that I couldn't stand the fact that they cut children up and gave their body parts to other people! I know that I am in the minority with this series though. Most people did enjoy it.

      I like Twilight too but hated the way Jacob was portrayed in the last book!

      Oh, I so wouldn't recommend Love Letters to the Dead. It was awful!! Don't put yourself through that! :P

      Naw, thank you! *blushes* :)

      Rachel @ Rachel's Reading Corner

  2. I can understand why the City of Glass book was so hard to read. Honestly, when I read about the incest relationship I didn't think too much about it really, for some strange reason... As for Twilight, I did enjoy that one, even though not as much as the others xD It was interesting to see it pop up on the list. This seems like there were a whole lot of books that were hard for you to read! I am going to add Marley and Me to my TBR, I've never seen it either!


    1. I am so not a fan of incest but I can kind of understand why some readers could overlook it. Breaking Dawn certainly wasn't the highlight of the series for me - mainly because of the stuff I mentioned above. You should definitely add Marley & Me to your TBR list. It was fantastic! Oh, and just a hint - try to read the "proper" version, not the "young adult" version. That edition is modified and I don't think you would get the same experience reading it. :)

      Rachel @ Rachel's Reading Corner