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Review: Rebel Wing

Review of Rebel Wing
by Tracy Banghart:
My Thoughts:

- The beginning was rather dull. Little happened for the first half of the book and it was rather tiresome. However, the second half was much more action-packed and had a lot of great scenes. It much more entertaining and enjoyable. 

- It lacked a good introduction to the setting and time period. Is this a dystopian? Supposing so, yet we were weren't told roughly when it was meant to be set or what happened to cause the drastic changes to society. Were the "wards" section of the same Earth we know today or is this set in alternate universe-like situation? Too many unanswered questions.

- Great character development. Aris was not the most likeable characters to begin with. She was compliant and dependant and lacked motivation. I wasn't impressed with her choice to join the military solely to find Calix, it should have been about saving people, defending Atalanta or for protest against the military's "no women" policy. It was fantastic to see Aris grow from this insecure girl into someone much more confident in who she really was.
- Calix was a brat.

- The Diatous Veil needed more explanations. I didn't believe it could possibly work for even a second. How could it change an entire person image? A hologram couldn't be that advanced in this setting if nothing else was that high tech. They still flew planes after all. Wouldn't they have cool hover jets or something else fancy if they had the sort of technology available to them that could change a person's entire appearance?

- I didn't like the romantic complications, especially concerning Galena and Nekos.

- A little thing that annoyed me was that we never learnt what a digitablet was despite Aris constantly using one.

- Side note, I prefer the title Shattered Veil to Rebel Wing. I think its much more suitable. This cover is better though.

- The ending was a little convenient but I liked it.

- I have high hopes for Storm Fall and am actually really excited to read it. The ending of this gave me hope that the second book will be much more action-packed and Aris-focused.
Note: a copy was provided courtesy of Tracy Banghart and Alloy Entertainment, through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was given or taken during this process.


First Line: High above the olive groves and blinding white roofs of the village, Aris danced.  

Series: first book in the Rebel Wing series

Publication: July 29th, 2014

Source: Netgalley

 3.5/4 stars

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  1. This seems like a really mixed review - there were aspects you liked and didn't like as well. I do like the idea of good character development, but it also seems like a slow beginning and that there wasn't enough information given at the beginning. Not sure whether or not to pick this one up!

    1. I think that sentence pretty much sums up my feelings for this first book. :) I definitely recommend picking it up though. Despite the slow beginning and the lack of information, the story is good, the characters are great and the sequel was to die for! Highest recommendation!