Friday, 30 January 2015

Review: Love, Lucas

Review of Love, Lucas
by Chantele Sedgwick:
My Thoughts:

- Oakley was a fantastic protagonist. I loved that she was gutsy but shy, withdrawn and a little awkward. She was unsure about a lot of things and when she got nervous she babbled. A very relatable and loveable character.
- The romance actually played an important part in the plot and wasn't just there to attract more readers. Carson was an huge part of Oakley's recovery process and their relationship developed both consistently and realistically - which is always a bonus!

- Carson. He is just fantastic and such a sweetie. Those dates he planned were simply perfect and he genuinely cared for Oakley. None of that douchebag, alpha-male, tortured-bad-boy, completely-controlling thing going on here. *fist pump*

- Oakley's depression from her brother's death wasn't romanticised. Its one of my biggest pet peeves to see mental or physical illnesses - such as depression, PTSD or cancer - used as an accessory to make a character "saveable" and thus "more attractive".

- I didn't understand Oakley's anger towards her mother. She didn't seem like a bad parent too me, just a withdrawn one, and how can you really blame her for that after watching her son waste away from cancer?

- The plot didn't have a lot of action so the beginning was a little slow-going. There were, however, plenty of twists and emotional drama to keep you entertained.

- Dillon was a douchebag. I don't understand why Carson was friends with him.

- I wasn't a fan of how casually the rescue of the injured animals for Jo's jobs were handled. Obviously I am not an expert in marine veterinary but do they really allow random people to come out and help when the life of an animal is at risk?

In the end, I caught myself becoming emotionally attached to the characters in this book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Oakley and Carson were fantastic characters and their romance was incredibly sweet. I certainly recommend this if you are a fan of cutesy beach romances with a lot of emotional drama to get involved with.

Note: a copy was provided courtesy of Chantele Sedgwick through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was given or taken during this process.

4 stars 
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  1. This seems like an emotional book, so I don't mind if not too much is going on during the plot at the same time. I am sad to see this compared to Along for the Ride though, because I absolutely hated that book >.< But this one, it seems like it has a realistic viewing on depression and also amazing characters!

    1. It was a pretty emotional read, the protagonist goes through a lot. Don't worry about the Along for the Ride comparsion! The stories share similar aspects - beach romances, troubled protagonist, learning how to surf/bike to overcome depression, summer jobs, etc. - and that's the only reason I recommend it. I hated it too, personally! This was 100% better though. :)