Friday, 23 January 2015

Bookish Identity Tag

Bookish Identity Tag
Hey guys! This is going to be my first tag challenge is long time. I have been too busy reading review copies and posting those reviews rather than doing fun stuff like. Something I hope to remedy in the next few months.
So let's begin!
I was tagged in this challenge by the beautiful Izzy @ The Reading Izzy over a month ago. Sorry for being so late Izzy! And don't forget to check out her challenge too.
Which dystopian world would you live in?
Hmm I don't think I would really want to live in a dystopian world (for obvious reasons) but the first place that came to mind was the post-apocalyptic world from The Host by Stephanie Meyer. There isn't any natural disasters or zombie infestation going on in that world so that is a huge bonus, but I also think it would be nice living in Uncle Jeb's cave refuge and learning about the universe from Wanda.
Who would your partner be?
I assume this means a romantic partner and, like always, I am going to have to say either Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices or Cole St Clair from The Wolves of Mercy Falls. There could be plenty more but those are my top two options and no, I cannot possibly choose between them.
Who would your godly mother or father be (from Percy Jackson)?
I had no idea who would have so I kind of cheated and took a test online. It said Athena - the goddess of wisdom - so I can hardly complain!
Would you be a Downworlder or Nephilim (from the Mortal Instruments)? 
A Downworlder! I have an obsession with werewolves so being a werewolf Downworlder would be a dream come true. I couldn't imagine myself as a vampire since I freaked out by blood and needles. I guess I could be a warlock but being immortal would not be fun either. Oh, and I definitely wouldn't want to be a faerie. As much as I love shadowhunters I don't think I would ever make a good fighter and that is the whole point of their lives so... Downworlder all the way!
Which house would you be from (from Harry Potter)? 
I would want to be in Ravenclaw but I would probably be put in Hufflepuff...
Which faction would you be in (from Divergent)? 
The main reason I didn't enjoy the book Divergent was because I found this idea of sorting people into such specific personality traits to be ridiculous. It would never work. So I really have no idea what I would be in. I don't even remember what they were apart from Dauntless - which I would never be in. Was there a "honesty" one? I think so. I would probably be that one then. I am pretty honest, to the point of being a bit blunt sometimes. Oops!
What would your daemon be (from Northern Lights/Golden Compass)? 
I would love the say a wolf but I don't think that really matches my personality. An owl? Or maybe a red panda? I love red pandas!
Did you enjoy this post? What were some answers? Let me know what you thought in the comments below. Feel free to consideration yourself tagged if you want to participate in this challenge. Please leave a link back to me if you do though, so I can see your answers too.

My official tags are going to be:
Olivia-Savannah @ Olivia's Catastrophe


  1. Thanks so much for tagging me! I honestly cannot wait to fill this one out because it seems like so much fun! Good choice on choosing a relatively safe dystopian world. The Host would be a good place to live. I took the test online as well, it looks like we have the same mother ;) In Divergent there is an honesty one, so you can go there! And being a Downworlder would be awesome ;)

    1. Your welcome! I hope you enjoy. I think The Host's world would be pretty good to live in - especially if Ian O'Shea was there... ;) Aha! Sisters! :)