Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Waiting on Wednesday #11

Waiting on Wednesday #11
This is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine where bloggers spotlight upcoming releases that they are eagerly anticipating.
The book I am most eager for this week is:-
Dead Spots
by Rhiannon Frater:

I just saw this pop up on my Goodreads feed and I am intrigued! I haven't read any adult horror books before and this sounds like a really good one to start with.
Have you read this book before or do you have ARC? Have you read anything by this author before? Let me know what you think of them if you have.
Links:     Amazon preorder  |  Goodreads

In the dead spots, dreams become reality, terror knows your name, and nightmares can kill you.

The stillbirth of Mackenzie's son destroyed her marriage. Grieving, Mac reluctantly heads for her childhood home to seek refuge with her mother, who constantly reminds her of life's dangers.

Driving across Texas, Mac swerves to avoid hitting a deer... and winds up in a dead spot, a frightening place that lies between the worlds of the living and the dead. If they can control their imaginations, people can literally bring their dreams to life — but most are besieged by fears and nightmares which pursue them relentlessly.

Mackenzie's mother and husband haunt her, driving her to the brink of madness. Then she hears a child call for help and her maternal instincts kick into overdrive. Grant, Mac's ally in the dead spots, insists Johnny is a phantom, but the boy seems so real, so alive....

As the true horrors of the dead spots are slowly revealed, Mackenzie realizes that time is running out. But exits from the dead spots are nearly impossible
to find, and defended by things almost beyond imagination.

Release date: 24th of February, 2015
Series: none (so far)
Publisher: Tor
Genres: adult, horror


  1. I haven't read a book like this before and it sounds like an interesting combination... especially an adult horror. I have seen this on a few other WoW though, and it is definitely catching my eye!

    As a reply to your comment on my Romeo And Juliet post (most people don't see responses): YES! He looks exactly like him and I was thinking it the whole time so it is great to see someone who shares my opinion! It was a great movie <3

    1. Me either. That was what attracted me to it in the first place. Oh really? I haven't heard of it before.

      He looks so much like him, its crazy! It was a pretty good movie. I loved Juliet's actress. :)