Sunday, 22 February 2015

Cover Reveal: Consent

Cover Reveal for Consent:
 Author:  Nancy Ohlin
Published: Simon Pulse; 10th November, 2015
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Genres: young adult, contemporary
Bea has a secret.

Actually, she has more than one. There’s her dreams for the future that she can’t tell anyone — not her father and not even her best friend, Plum.

And now there’s Dane Rossi. Dane is hot, he shares Bea’s love of piano, and he believes in her.

He’s also Bea’s teacher.

When their passion for music crosses into passion for each other, Bea finds herself falling completely for Dane. She’s never felt so wanted, so understood, so known to her core. But the risk of discovery carries unexpected surprises that could shake Bea entirely. Bea must piece together what is and isn’t true about Dane, herself, and the most intense relationship she’s ever experienced, in this absorbing novel from Nancy Ohlin.

About the Author:
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I am the author of Beauty, a YA retelling of the Snow White tale, and Always, Forever, a YA retelling of Daphne du Maurier's RebeccaAlways, Forever was originally published in hardcover as Thorn Abbey. I've also contributed to several celebrity novels, including a New York Times-bestselling YA trilogy.

I'm currently hard at work on my next YA novel, which will be as mind-bending as my last one (I hope!).

My favourite cures for writers' block are long walks, long showers, popcorn, chocolate, and really expensive coffee. I talk to myself a lot while I write (you know, to make sure the dialogue zings).


  1. Ooh what a nice cover! I love it :)

    1. I know, right!? I would pick it up for that cover alone. :)

  2. The cover is pretty simplistic and I think it convey much more that way. As the saying goes, less is more.
    I love the blurb! I have read similar story in a manga and I love it. I hope this book will be as good! :)

    1. That sums it up nicely! Less is certainly more in this case. I am a bit iffy at the moment on the blurb as I am not a fan of student/teachers relationships. I am still tempted to pick it up though. I hope you enjoy it - happy reading!