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Review: Tales of Ever

Tales of Ever (Tales of Ever #1-#6) by Jen Wylie

Title:  Tales of Ever
Series: Tales of Ever, #1- #6
Author: Jen Wylie
Published: Untold Press; 2011
250 pages, kindle edition
Source: Review copy provided by author
Description (from Goodreads):

A few months ago, I was a normal girl. Life sucked, and just like everyone else, I took the simple things for granted. At least until I got this new power, a "gift" my mom called it. Apparently, I'm a firestarter. I didn't want to be. I didn't ask to be. It would be cool if it wasn't so dangerous and I knew how to control it.

When an uncle I'd never heard of showed up to take care of me after my mom died, I should have been grateful. As it turned out, my whole family isn't normal and more than a little bit crazy. I thought things couldn't get any worse. I was wrong.

They banished me to Ever.

 My Thoughts:

3.5 stars

#1 Banished: This was a great introduction into the series. I am still a little uncertain about the beginning part. I didn't like how calm Misha was when some rather shocking discoveries were made, she didn't even freak out in the slightest.

The banishment was intriguing and I am little disappointed that we don't get to learn more about that yet. Why do they believe she needed to be banished? How do they banish people? Why only females?

Ever is a fascinating place however. I like how much detail the author has taken in creating a completely unique world where their is no sun or moon or stars, the sky changes from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to purple to black in a single day and nearly everything is dangerous - the water is undrinkable, the plants deadly - watch out for those killer thorns! - and strange beasts stalker the land, including evil greens ducks with long giraffe-like tongues!

I'm certainly intrigued and I cannot wait to read more about this strange land.
Three stars.

#2 Fire Girl:
I'm disappointed that this wasn't as good as Banishment. The writing wasn't nearly as descriptive and the plotline was much duller.

Misha got on my nerves and I am scared that her relationship with Judas is going to turn all lovey-dovey soon. Why cannot she just focus on staying alive first? They make a great team and I really don't think she should risk losing him.

The Ari incident also annoyed me. Misha is way too naïve for my liking and it was annoying how easily Ari just gave up. One moment she wants to kill her and next thing you know she giving Misha advice and then they're thanking each other for each other's help! Wait, what!?

Saying that I enjoyed the giant bird scene and I cannot wait to see how Judas and Misha are going to cope being separated.
2 stars.

#3 Shadow Boy:
Wow! This was far better than Fire Girl. I really enjoyed the introduction to the new character of Shade. He's fascinating and I love his ability. I like how Misha is starting to really learn how to look after herself and harness her powers. Not a fan of the ending however.
4 stars.

#5 Sanctuary:
This was great. A lot of action and intrigue to keep me on my toes and I love how dragons were introduce, making Ever even more dangerous especially because of the Rising. I love the twists about Ari and the Lost Tree. I could have screamed with joy about Judas but I am not happy how she is kind of shoving Shade to the side now.
3 stars.

#6 Dragon Rising:
This was definitely the best one so far. There was so much action and so much intensity. I was never bored and never felt my attention waver, a rarity for me since I have a short attention span.

I am really happy with how the characters developed across the whole book / series. They have really grown and come out better, stronger and kinder people. The romance was cute and swoony. Shade's happy ending was delightful.

4 stars.

Overall? I really enjoyed this series (well, book) and will definitely be checking out more of the author's work.

Note: a copy was provided courtesy of Jen Wylie through the Making Connections YA Edition group in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was given or taken during this process.


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