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Review: Goodbye Normal

Goodbye Normal (The Zoe Trilogy #1) by Lily N. Anderson

Title: Goodbye Normal
Series: The Zoe Trilogy, #1
Author: Lily N. Anderson
Published: (independent); 2014
228 pages, kindle edition
Source: Borrowed from the library
 Description (from Goodreads):

Being a daughter, sister, friend and crush-sick with an ex-schoolmate, Zoe Brown is just another ordinary high school graduate. In defiance of coming from Doomsberg, a town that was once in history abandoned for witchcraft, Zoe has never believed in the craft.

But when a magical pentagram chain defines her fate, the Never theory is put to rest. In the midst of Doomsberg Association of witchery, she witnesses a prophesy that has failed for 186 years pick her responsible for safeguarding her town against black magic witches.

This fight is waged against the wrath of a vicious untraceable black magic humeleon (human chameleon) and his master, a powerless but immortal witch. Her chances of attaining victory are only viable by forming an alliance with the association's confined, ruthless and dangerous humeleons (the same ones that had caused massacre and abandonment upon her town)

Terrifying revelations, secrets and tough decisions succumb her small world. With that, her normal life is bid farewell.

My Thoughts:
DNF 50%

I can not make myself read another page of this. It was dull, it was dry and ultimately boring. There wasn't anything that made me feel inclined to read more. I was halfway in and barely a single thing had happened. The one thing that did happen made little sense, was poorly described and over before it really began.

The characters were shoddy. The had shallow personalities and I could barley differentiate Liz and Zoe, especially as it was in third person so they were always being referred to as "her" or "she".

Whatever wizard stuff was attempted was so poorly planned out I could have cried. Zoe is able to use magic instantly after being told she is a wizard. Not just any wizard though, the wizard prophesized to save them all. Sounds familiar? Hmm, I cannot see why. Its such an original idea! *cough cough* Anyway, one day Zoe tries to use her powers and she just can. No effort, no training, nothing. Magically she is able to push people away, melt ice cream, telepathically transport her mum's car keys and set her mattress on fire. How did she know how to do any of this? She wasn't trained and she even didn't know about her magical abilities until a few days before.

In the end this was a little lame, majorly boring and just not worth any more of my time. I have to say that I am disappointed.

Note: a copy was provided courtesy of Lily N. Anderson in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was given or taken during this process.

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