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Review: In Too Deep

In Too Deep (In Too Deep #1) by Eliza Jane* 

Title: In Too Deep
Series: In Too Deep, #1
Author: Eliza Jane
Published: October 1st 2013
335 pages, kindle edition
Source: Received an ARR from the author
 Description (from Goodreads):

Gifted computer hacker Taylor is in over her head.

When she transfers to the prestigious Wilbrook Academy and begins working a case with scrumptious nineteen-year-old martial arts instructor, aka manwhore, Colt, hanging out with him becomes a necessary evil to get the job done. But resisting the bad-boy that is so off limits might be more than she can manage. He's one of those guys you just know isn't good for you –he can–and often does–have any girl he wants.

The deeper she gets involved in a troubling field assignment, the more she finds herself relying on Colt. If she can just figure out how to do the right thing and not fall for irritatingly hot Colt in the process, life can go back to normal. Baby steps.

My Thoughts:

In Too Deep wasn’t quite what expected, it was much, much better! I was expecting something a little more spy-ish and while it did remind me a little of Francine Pascal’s Kill Game, it was so much more!

Let me start at the beginning, this is the story of Taylor Beckett. Genius computer hacker who has just been accepted into the prestigious Wilbrook Academy for gifted students and the girl who has caught the eye of Colt Palmer.

Colt is the resident bad boy and martial arts instructor of Wilbrook Academy. A dark past has him doubting the very existence of love. He’s a manwhore who sleeps with dozens and dozens of girls and doesn’t even take the time to learn their name.

Sex was the only closeness I got, and I couldn’t give that up. And I couldn’t risk love when it had the probability of ending so badly.

But Taylor’s big blue eyes, sweet innocence and shocking immunity to Colt’s sexy smile and hot bod, leaves Colt curious… and falling for her, badly.

I couldn’t concentrate on other girls until I had Taylor. She was like a drug to me. I’d had one small taste and it was nowhere near enough.

Taylor knows that Colt is bad news from the long, long line of heartbroken girls that trail from Colt’s bedroom, and also from her own experiences, but he isn’t so easy to resist. She knows she’s falling for him too, but she knows as soon as she sleeps with him, he’ll forget her and move on. She needs him to give up his manwhore ways, but it isn’t that easy. She knows that’s she in too deep (Couldn’t help myself!) to just walk away though.

What I loved about
In Too Deep, and what made it so captivating, was the development and growth of not just Colt and Taylor’s relationship, but each of them as their own person.

This isn’t an insta-love romance. Colt and Taylor didn’t just suddenly change their ways, but during the book they begin to question why they act like that. Mainly Colt, he begins to wonder if his way is the right way. Yes, it stops the risk of pain associated with rejection and heartbreak, but is it a risk worth avoiding or is it worth it?

In Too Deep explores this very dilemma. Taylor and Colt explore their boundaries, testing what works for each other and learn valuable lessons about what it means to love someone. For Colt, is their more to relationships than sex? And for Taylor, is it possible for people to really change, and is it worth risking an already broken heart for the possibility for it to be fixed again?

And it isn’t something that is resolved. At the end of the book Colt and Taylor are quite sure how they feel and if it is going to work. But what I loved is that they are ready to try, and really, what more can you ask for.

Eliza Jane knows how to create the perfect characters with all the right ingredients to make for an enjoyable and engaging read. All of the secondary characters, excluding McAlistar, had just the right depth coupled with back stories and great personalities to give them a realistic vibe. I adored Logan, he was cute and a great friend for Taylor and MJ.

In Too Deep was brilliant, the lack of mysteriousness and espionage had me a tad disappointed. I was expecting something more complicated with a lot of cyber-hacking and covert operations. Alas, I was wrong.

The oil carrier was a little disappointing, it wasn’t intriguing enough and kind of over and done with before it even began. Plus, McAlistar was a bit of a pathetic “villain” and the twist that Colt is his so was not really that shocking, since I guessed at it early on. Taylor's reaction to it was also a little overly dramatic, but then again just when she thought Colt was beginning to trust her, she found out her had been keeping a huge secret, so I guess I do understand.

Anyway, I wasn’t disappointed for too long. The characters were just too mesmerising and I had to keep reading. I definitely recommend this to all contemporary romances fans, especially those who love their boys tall, dark and handsome. This just isn’t for fans looking for a spy thriller – you aren’t going to get that here!

*Note: An ARR was provided by Eliza Jane through the YA/NA Fanatics Group in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was given or received in this exchange.

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