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Guest Post: Roselyn Jewell

Guest Post: Roselyn Jewell
Here to talk about her new book, reveal the cover and offer a read-to-review opportunity
Guys, guess what? I'm here to introduce the wonderful indie author Roselyn Jewell to talk about the release of her new young adult book and an awesome read-to-review opportunity...
This is my first guest post so I hope you guys enjoy it.
Make way for Roselyn...
...Hi everyone!
I'm Roselyn Jewell and I'm really pleased to share my new book with all of you! This book is a big first for me; it's both my first attempt at the YA genre and it's also my first book that I'm planning to turn into a series. The series is called The Roving and the book's title is unFocused. The Roving is something that, in the book, 75% of the world's population have. It's similar to ADHD and causes learning difficulties and social difficulties for a lot of those who have it.
The setting in the book is a dystopian type society, where a large chunk of the world's population was wiped out by a pandemic and the majority of the population left have Roving personalities. In an attempt to repopulate and help people focus, a new type of society was created. In this society, the government basically runs your whole life. When you turn 17, you're given a career assignment, a living assignment that determines where you're sent to live, and even a partner assignment which pairs you up with a member of the opposite sex that you are expected to marry and eventually have children with. You are essentially stuck with the career and living assignments for a five year period. You can then request changes if desired, but again the government will determine the change and then it's another five years until you can request another change. The partner assignment you can reject, but it's very rarely done and highly frowned upon, and if you do reject it, the government will still be in control of the next one, so there's not much point in even trying to fight it.
Granted, the government provides you with all necessities free of charge. This includes basic clothing, healthy meals, medical care, housing, etc. If you want junk food or fancy clothes or what are considered "luxury" items, there are extra odd jobs you can do for luxury dollars, which you can then spend in the luxury marketplace. The government feels that this arrangement provides everyone with anything they could possibly need or want. But what happens if you don't like members of the opposite sex? Homosexuality doesn't exist as far as the government is concerned. The black market, where you can buy things like X-rated videos, shot without permission, doesn't exist either according to them.
Hillary, the main character, deals with these issues and more in this book. She has just turned 17 and is thrown into this world that she doesn't feel like she belongs in. In trying to find out who she is, she begins to question this society and how "perfect" it really is after all.
I hope you all are as excited as I am! unFocused is available on Smashwords at You can read the first 22 pages for free and I hope you'll be hooked ;) It's $2.99 but you can use coupon code KK43H to bring the price down to $1.25. It will also be for sale on Amazon as of tomorrow and B&N, Google Play, and iTunes to follow by the end of the week!
I'm also desperately seeking reviews as well, as they are critical for authors, especially Indie authors such as myself! So if anyone is willing to read and post an honest review on at least one site that it's for sale on (and of course you're free to post anywhere else you choose, it's just not required) I will be happy to send you a free copy of the book in exchange for your promise to post your review within 30 days. If interested, please email me at and let me know if you'd like PDF or .mobi format. I can also gift you a copy via Smashwords if you'd prefer.
And finally... the cover reveal!
Thanks so much to Roselyn for appearing on my blog. I wish her all the best of luck with her release and I hope some - if not all - of you will be able to take up her opportunity to read her new book. There's going to be a buddy read organised on my group on Goodreads - check it out here - if you want to join. I'll definitely be there!

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