Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Doctor Who Tag

The Doctor Who Tag

Thanks to the gorgeous Izzy @ The Reading Izzy for tagging me in this challenge!
I have never actually watched an episode of Doctor Who, despite the pressure my nerdy friends have put on me to. The show just doesn't look like something I would enjoy. Crime shows are my forte - they are the only shows I watch and really enjoy. Regardless, I am going to give these questions a go and see what happens. Wish me luck!
First Doctor - What is your favourite first book in a series?

I know I use this book in practically every tag challenge but it is a real favourite of mine and definitely my favourite series starter - Blaze of Glory.

Second Doctor - What is your favourite sequel?

I wouldn't go as to say that The Awakening was my "favourite" but it was definitively one of the best sequels I have ever read. I didn't enjoy the previous book much at all so expected to dislike this one similarly. I ended up really enjoying this one though.

 Third Doctor - What is your favourite trilogy?

  The Infernal Devices. I love this series for lots and lots of reasons that I won't bore you with now. If you haven't read it, go and read it now! Its fantastic. The first book is good, the second book is even better and the last book is perfection in physical form.

Fourth Doctor - What is your most colourful book?
Umm no idea! Does it mean by cover or the pictures inside? I have one book that is more pictures than words- does that count? Its called High in the Clouds. I'll count that one.

  Fifth Doctor - What is a book about sports that you have read?

Play With Me is about soccer and I really, really loved it. I have also read a lot of dance/ballet books since I am a dancer myself. I am not sure if that classifies as a "sport" or not though.

 Sixth Doctor - What is a book with a really powerful villain you have read?
The Harry Potter series has a villain it called Voldemort. He is probably one of the most terrifying villains  ever to be written about because he is extremely realistic -  despite the magic usage obviously. His villainy is so terrifying because he is obsessed with creating a pure race of wizards - eradicating, murdering and torturing anyone who is descendant from muggles, squibs, or half-bloods even.  Sound vaguely familiar? *cough* Hitler *cough* He was obsessed with creating a pure race to and I think that is why Voldemort's villainy is so successful.


Seventh Doctor - What is your favourite adult or dark book?

I don't read that much adult books so I don't have many to pick from. Either Ice Forged or Don't Let Go probably.


Eight Doctor - What is your favourite romance novel?

A purely romance novel? I don't know what my favourite book would be! I normally read my romance within contemporary, fantasy or paranormal genres anyway. :)
War Doctor - What is a book you wish you could forget you read?
The first one that comes to mind of Queen of Broken Hearts. You can read my review here why I hated it so much.
Ninth Doctor - What is a book that made you pick up a genre again?
When I read Graceling it reminded me of how much I enjoy epic fantasy which was a genre that I had been neglecting for some unknown reason. It made me really want to reread Eragon and check out some new fantasy series!

Tenth Doctor -  What is your favourite super-hyped book?
City of Bones easily. I am not normally a fan of hyped books because I tend to be disappointed by them. The Mortal Instruments were just as good as every said they were though.
Eleventh Doctor - What is your favourite children's or middle grade novel?
My favourite children's books are Roald Dahl's The Witches and The BFG, and I have too many favourite middle grade series to name. Some good ones are Skulduggery Pleasant, the Ruby Redfort series, The Kane Chronicles and Fablehaven.

Twelfth Doctor - What new release are you anticipating?
I am anticipating a lot of books - a lot! (Mainly sequels.) One book I am really for at the moment is This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner. I wasn't a complete fan of the first book but I am anxious to if the sequel is any good. Luckily it comes out in December so there isn't much of a wait!
I loved answering these questions. Thanks for the tag Izzy!

What would some of your answers been? Let me know what you thought in the comments below. Feel free to consideration yourself tagged if you want to participate in this challenge. Please leave a link back to me if you do though!

My official tag is going to be Olivia-Savannah @ Olivia's Catastrophe. Best of luck!


  1. These are great answers Rachel :D I've wanted to read The Summoning for so long and now that I know the second book would be great makes me want to read it even more. I definitely agree that Clockwork Princess was perfection!!

    1. Thanks Izzy! Clockwork Princess was just.. gah! Amazing!! :) I hope you like The Summoning but yes, hold out for the second book. It was quite good and much, much better than the first one.

      Rachel @ Rachel's Reading Corner