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Review: November

November (Conspiracy 365 #11) by Gabrielle Lord

Title: November
Series: Conspiracy 365, #11
Author: Gabrielle Lord
Published: Scholastic Australia; 2010
179 pages, paperback
Source: Borrowed from the library
 Description (from Goodreads):

The 31 December deadline is fast approaching, and Cal's enemies are closing in on all sides. Even the notorious 'Toecutter' Durham has emerged from the underworld to join the hunt.

With so many answers finally imminent - meeting Eric Blair, finding out the truth about the twin baby abduction - it's crucial Cal dodges danger and stays alive. But will he be so busy trying to save himself that he'll fail to save a friend?

The clock is ticking. Any second could be his last.

My Thoughts:  
November is a hard book for me to review. This entire series is so frustrating because somehow, despite the simplistic and often dull plotlines, the gullible characters and lack of mystery-solving, they are addictive. I couldn't have stopped reading the series even if I wanted to because it leaves so much unanswered at the end of each book so that you are left simply begging for more information. You are forced to keep reading. Now I am so close to the end, so close, and I find that I am a little sad for it to be over. You might not understand since I haven't rated any of the books over three stars and they are mediocre at best but I don't want them to stop quite yet. Maybe its because I have devoted so much time to the series or something. I am not sure but there is only one more book to go!

What I enjoyed most about this one was that all of the book was devoted to progress. Cal and his friends, Winter and Boges, are dedicated to getting themselves out of this mess now - really dedicated. I think the deadline has scared them all a bit. There is only 31 days left. 31 days! There is so much to do and discover still and it has left them in a bit of a panic.

I simply loved that we are getting to see more and more of Winter as well. I simply love her character and it was great that in
November was got to learn about her past, her parents and everything that led her to her life with Sligo. Her story is much harsher than we are led to believe and it actually bought tears to my eyes. How devastating! There is a moment where Cal reflects on how much Winter has changed since they first met back in January or February. How he was once so sure she was a hardened thug doing Sligo's dirty work and how now she is one of his closest friends, a kind, funny and sensitive girl. I have to agree. I love how much she has progressed since we met her.

The plotline wasn't very action-packed in this one though but it wasn't boring by any means. I liked that it focused on wrapping things up and focused on trying to get ready for December 31st. What wasn't handled well at all was the "big revelation". Everyone picked up on that back in the first few books so how they thought it was going to be shocking baffles me but I am just thankful its out in the air... finally!

Overall, this book was one of the better one of the series, possibly my favourite. It had a strong storyline, great character progress and a fantabulous ending - which was also devastating! I need
December now. I cannot believe that the would end on such a cliffhanger. Is Gabrielle Lord trying to kill me!?

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