Monday, 6 January 2014


Hey, my fellow readers. This is going to be my first official blog post. Pretty exciting, right!? But honestly? I have no idea what I am doing. I don't even know where to start on all this. Should I post some reviews? Change my theme? Post something? I really don't know so I thought I should probably say some stuff about myself and this new blog. So here it goes...

My name is Rachel. I love to read. Obviously. I started this blog to get a chance to show people why I love reading, to meet some friends and talk to like-minded people.

What do I like reading then? Well, isn't that a loaded question? I am not too fussy about what I read. Some people stick to genres or age levels, I go without sounds good. I do prefer young adult, though I frequent middle grade and have been dabbling a little into new adult and adult books recently. I'll read paranormal, fantasy, dystopian, sci-fi, contemporary, romance, mystery... anything that tickles my fancy.

I am also a total fangirl when it comes to TV shows. I love Bones most. Its been a huge weakness of mine for about five years and I have see every episode about a hundred time over. I can pretty much recite them of by heart. (My the way, I have dibs on Hodgins and Mr. Nigel-Murray!) I also love NCIS: Los Angeles (Deeks! <3), Castle, Ghost Whisperer, Grimm, Friends, NCIS (original), Elementary and Big Bang Theory.

Other faves of mine include:

Movies - Harry Potter (all of them), The Host, Snow White and the Huntsman, Mary Poppins, Spirit, The Sound of Music, Hunger Games, Catching Fire

Food - Fruchocs (totally addicted!), salt & pepper calamari, vanilla icecream, dark chocolate, Granny's home-made fettuccini (Yummm!)

Sport - soccer, and dance (if you think that that counts).

Other activities - drinking coffee, singing (though I can't hold a tune to save myself!), hanging with my mates, movie marathons, writing

And that's all I can think of at the moment... so hopefully this blog is going to be up and working as soon as I can figure everything out.

For the time being don't hesitate to follow me on Goodreads or email me: if you have any questions or some advice for me on running this blog.

Ciao, for now and I'll be back soon.



  1. Congratulations on the new blog Rachel! ☺

    1. Thanks Sarah! I am so excited. I have been wanting and wanting to make one for ages. I couldn't have done it without you though so thanks. :))

  2. Saw your post on Goodreads and thought I would check it out. I like the simplicity of the page. It's not overwhelming like a lot of blogs are. I guess you can say I'm a simple kinda gal. Keep up the good work. Now I sound like a teacher. *shakes head*

    1. Hey Angie. Its comforting to see that people are checking it out. I am doing a lot backstage at the moment so haven't been able to post much but over this month I hope to get is up and running with daily posts so pls stayed tuned. :) I am glad you like the layout of my blog. I do too! Ahaha. Must a simple gal myself. :)